Open tour to U-JOINTS: Knots & Knits (30 min)

4,00 30 minutes


Welcome to our 30 minute open tour to the exhibition U-Joints: Knots & Knits. We offer open tours daily at 3pm and 5pm (Hidden) and at 3.30pm and 5.30pm (U-Joints: Knots & Knits). Our guides speak Finnish, Swedish, English or mixed, depending on the group. 

Depending on the day and number of bookings, open tours are open also to spontaneous visitors, who may sign up at the ticket desk. Please note that we accept a limited number of participants. Those who buy their ticket online are guaranteed a spot in the tour.


  • Book your guided tour by 2pm the day before your tour. In addition to the booked tour, each participant must purchase their own entry ticket, which may be bought in our online store or at the ticket desk upon arrival. Free entry with the Museum card. Each entry ticked is valid in all three main exhibitions.

Full price: 

4€/person + entry ticket to the Biennale

Entrance tickets:


10€/the retired, students, the unemployed, those in military or civil service, Weekly’s readers, Ornamo’s members and also adults, if they are booked for a tour larger than 9 people.

0€/those under the age of 18, owners of the Museum card, the ICOM card, the EU Disability card, a press card or personal assistans who visit with their clients

Entry tickets can be bought in our online store or at the tickets desks of the Hidden and U-Joints: Knots & Knits exhibitions. Vi also sell Museum cards (74€/new cards, 69€ extensions). More about the Museum card at

Terms of cancellation: 

Open tour tickets and entrance tickets can not be returned.

Addresses, opening hours and accessibility: 

Hidden: Kuparivasarantie 5. Open daily 11am-6pm. Hidden tas built to be as accessible as possible and accessibility has been considered in the design of exhibition texts, tours and presentation.  We will gladly supply more information by phone (050 440 3727) or e-mail ()

U-Joints: Knots & Knits: Kuparivasarantie 333. Open daily 11am-6pm. U-Joints: Knots & Knits is in an old building in which stairs, thresholds and limited lighting affect accessibility. We will gladly supply more information by phone (050 440 3727) or e-mail ()

House of an Architect: Fiskarsintie 318. Opens May 27. Open daily kl. 12-5pm. House of an Architect consists of small buildings, which are not easily accessible. We will gladly supply more information by phone (050 440 3727) or e-mail ()

Customer service : 

Until  22 May coordinator Tia Takala (four days a week) :

/ +358(0) 44 758 8203

22 May – 4 Sept 11am-6pm biennale guides:

/ +358 (0) 50 440 3727