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Encounter presentation

At the Arts & Crafts and Rabbit Holes exhibition

Fiskars 8.7.2023 at 21:00


Concept by Johanna Matruka

Artist-guides: Johanna Matruka and Anna Sevchenko


Listening to Empty Spaces is a performance without performers or performances. The first part of the series Listening to Empty Spaces I – Makasiini was shown at the Onoma exhibition 2021, when the artist-couple was formed by Matruka and dancer-choreographer Maija Mustonen.


Instead of the performers, the world of the performance is centred on the Valimo building on the upper Fiskars river. The building has been used to make train tracks, funerary crosses and machine parts for the Saimaa Canal, the Finlayson factory and the Tampere pump factory, among others. Industrial activity in Valimo lasted for over a hundred years and ended seventy years ago.


After its original use, the building has been moved to a liminal. The foundry no longer represents the purpose for which it was created, but a new use has not yet emerged. On the other hand, the building has not become a ruin. The building, which has been going through a long interim period, has begun to live its own life, in its own rhythm. The foundry has moved closer to the natural environment.


Intermediate space-Valimo.

Dust hangs in the great hall.

The sun bounces in particles.

The soundscape is dominated by silence, yet all the elements of the space scream with the noise of a bygone era. How much sweat, iron and roar there must have been in the space! How can it be possible for a silent space to retain the sound of decades ago?


In the liminal space, we are on the brink of the transience of life, frozen on the threshold of change. The past is leaving, the future is coming; a void remains. Liminal space is frightening and unsafe if you are not used to being in it, to walking in it. Liminal space is beyond the reach of everyday life, and yet, just a stone’s throw away.


Duration 1h 20min.

The performance takes place in silence.

The performance will take place only once.

Optional discussion after the performance.


During the performance there will be a walk in the courtyard of the Valimo, so please dress for the weather and choose shoes that are suitable for walking on the slopes, for example. The performance environment has not been cleaned, please note

Please note this for your clothing. If you wish, you can bring your own seat cover.


The performance will be based on the principles of safer space.


The performance starts from the Nikari parking lot on 8.7 at 21:00. From Peltorivi 13, 10470 Fiskars



Ticket price: 15€