Kultakala – A virtual exhibition by Céline Ducret

Obey with dignity. 24 x 16 cm | Textile | 130€

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Open 24h. Private viewing possible for 1 person at the time on weekdays! Get in touch.

Virtual exhibition: Artist in Residence | Celine Ducret

Feel the corporeality of space and time.
Surrender efficiency to access your own wanders.
Deconstruct the concept, it does not have to be embedded forever.
Duration of the movements – swinging slowly in the air – fragile melancholia.
The connecting of strands or loose ends of thread forming an intertwined delicate environment, the one we live and stand in. A multifaceted intersecting scope with realms
and layers we can’t necessarily see, sense or capture.
The elegant fins move within the stream of water. 
A fish in a bowl.”

Swiss born, London based artist Céline Ducret (b. 1992, Geneva) is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on textile and writing. Her work asks the viewers to look again at the world by engaging in questioning and rethinking existing systems and paradigms. Graduated from the Royal College of Art in London she has exhibited at CICA in Korea, Singapore Art Book Fair and self published her first book in 2018.

Céline came to Fiskars in the beginning of March 2020 and due to restrictions and uncertainties laid by Covid-19 pandemia she decided to stay in the residence house until the end of May, rather than go back to London. Wise move we think, and these past months have been very productive for her.

We have now built an exhibition in Onoma Shop gallery based on her exceptional creative time in Fiskars village this spring. All pieces are also for sale so please get in touch with for more info & price quotes. The exhibition opens online at www.onoma.fi on Monday the 11th May at 12pm.


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