kasvu, tillväxt, growth,

Satellite Exhibition, Lokal Gallery, Helsinki 10.6. – 21.8.201

Wild, untamed, organic, mathematical, therapeutic, aesthetically pleasing, urban…
The Summer Exhibition which opens on the 14th of May 2016 in the Copper Smithy of Fiskars introduces altogether 45 different interpretations of the exhibition theme, ”Growth”.

Growth can literally mean the process of something increasing in size; something that has grown or is growing in the countryside or in an urban environment; or a child that grows into an adult… A large amount of the pieces on show will be exhibited for the first time.

Growth means change, opportunity and maturing — and this is presented in the way the exhibition is put together. Some of the selected works will continue to grow after the exhibition has opened. Marit Roland’s (NO) paper installation will be complete on the 21st of May and a textile installation from Deepa Panchamia towards the end of the summer. Sanna Ritvanen creates a participatory work of art in collaboration with the audience out- side the actual exhibition space on the 18th of June. Inventorium, a dance piece created by Saine Ensemble, will be presented on numerous occations during the whole length of the summer exhibition, both as a live act and a video recording of the performance. This piece will be performed live for the first time at the opening party on the 14th of May.

The contributors for the exhibition are playing with, amongst other things, human hair and alternating dimensions in their pieces. One can also read deeper social and personal interpretations into the theme – it’s not always easy to grow. Ron Nordstrom’s thought provoking work about forming an identity or taking a role in society is already growing in social media: https://www.instagram.com/ron.nordstrom/.

Glass artist Camilla Moberg has tested her own limits by creating a glass sculpture based on a local multicultural project. The contributors, mainly immigrants, share all a dream of a permanent home in Finland.

The Cooperative was founded in 1996 and thus, the Growth exhibition simultaneously celebrates it’s 20th anniversary.

The artists:

Elina Aalto and Klaus Aalto – in collaboration with: Roshildur Jonsdottir (IS), Snæbjörn Stefánsson
(IS) & Petra Lilja (SE), Ville Andersson, Saara Ekström, Tarja Ervasti, Petri Eskelinen, Hannele Grönlund, Bo Haglund, Eero Haikala, Lulu Halme, Antrei Hartikainen, Sasha Huber – in collaboration with Petri Saa- rikko, Renata Jakowleff, Tiina Koivusalo, Jouko Kärkkäinen, Elina Makkonen & Sonja Tuulia Halttunen, Maija Lavonen, Laura Mattila & Mikko Merz, Lotta Mattila, Outi Martikainen, Rudi Merz, Jenni Mikkonen, Timo Mikkonen, Camilla Moberg, Stig Nordman, Ron Nordström, Piitu Nykopp, Stefan Nyström, Deepa Panchamia, Sami Parkkinen, Tuulia Penttilä, Kristina Riska, Sanna Ritvanen, Marit Roland (NOR), SaineEnsemble: Anna Tuuli Saine, Olli Kari, Saara Kantanen, Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo & Mika Tertsunen, Anneli Sainio, Maiju Salmenkivi, Sami Salomaa, Elise Simonsson Artist Group: Rimma Gimpel, Petra Lindholm, Eva Tordera – in collaboration with Severi Haapala & Ivan Kulvik, Janna Syvänoja, Riitta Talonpoika, Tatu Tuominen, Anna Ulff, Viivi Varesvuo, Karin Widnäs, Charlotta

The exhibition is curated by gallery owner and photographer Katja Hagelstam.
The Exhibition Architect is Hannele Grönlund. The exhibition working group consists of Katja Hagel- stam, Hannele Grönlund, exhibition producer Veera Pekkinen and designers Kirsti Doukas and Veera

Kulju. The exhibition graphics have been created by Dynamo & Son / Ilkka Kärkkäinen.

The Main Partners for the exhibition Lokal Gallery, Fiskars Corporation and dynamo&son. The exhibition is supported by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Ministry of Education and Culture, Kulturkontakt Nord, The Norwegian-Finnish Cultural Fund. Sponsors are Pro Av Saarikko Oy, Pohjanväre Oy, SHT-Tukku Oy, Nylund Group, Piippo, GardenShop Tahvoset, Siemenkauppa, Sis.Deli. In collaboration with dynamo&son, Restaurant Kuparipaja, Design Museum, EMMA.