Onoma Shop

Onoma Shop is situated in the Clocktower building, right in the middle of the beautiful and historically significant Fiskars Village. The shop has been running almost as long as the Onoma co-operative itself, nearly 20 years. You can shop various art, design and craft pieces there and all the products have been created locally by the members of the co-operative. The shop is open all round the year. From mid May until mid September we open Mon-Sun from 11am to 6pm.


If you are interested in buying our products but cannot make it to Fiskars or you live in another country, we would be happy to quote you for a postal delivery whenever possible.

We use the Finnish Mail as well as international freight and delivery companies regularly so whether your parcel is big or small, we will do our utmost best to guarantee a safe journey for your order.

Please don’t hesitate to ask about international deliveries – we are here to help!

Contact Onoma Shop: +358 (0)400 850 250