Artists for Fiskars Summer Exhibition announced

Copper Smithys Exhibition Halls
Mon to Sun 11am to 6pm

Summer and exhibitions here at Fiskars Village are closing in soon and the time has come to announce the great artists participating this exhibition.

Onoma’s Summer Exhibition Arts & Crafts and Rabbit Holes 21 May to 10 Sep

This year’s summer exhibition by Onoma the Cooperative of Artists, Designers and Artisans in Fiskars is called Arts & Crafts and Rabbit Holes and it will display bold and candid artworks by 48 artists.

The theme of the exhibition will be around warped aspects of reality, where everyday life and objects will present themselves in a new and intriguing manner.

In this exhibition we have a large number of artists on board and this exhibition will be very experiential and multisensory as well as multidisciplinary. In the Copper Smithys White Hall artworks are binded together with a sense space and there will be media & sound art, installations, paintings and graphics displayed. In the Black Hall there will be sculptures that interact with the space and with each other. Glass House will be the space for an artwork that breaks the line between indoors- and outdoors and the performing arts pieces will open new ways to experience this whole theme of warped realities.  The exhibition architecture will highlight opposite layouts of these different exhibition spaces, thus changing the experience of the spaces for the visitor”. This is how Kirsi Pitkänen the Curator of the exhibiton describes this theme and artworks.

Participating artists for Arts & Crafts and Rabbit Holes – exhibition:

  • Workgroup: Päivi Alajuntti & Leena Hurri
  • Daniel Enckell
  • Petri Eskelinen
  • Ilmari Gryta
  • Lulu Halme
  • Timo Heino
  • Kaisa Huotari
  • Pekka Juhani Ijäs
  • Marko Kaiponen
  • Leena Kangaskoski
  • Workgroup: Tinja Kari, Sara Moayed, Yaiza Hernandez, Olli Kari
  • Workgroup: Susanna Louneva, Anu Mykrä, Tiina Karimaa, Tiina Vaskivaara, Annamari Karjalainen
  • Riikka Latva-Somppi
  • Workgroup: Johanna Matruka & Anna Shevchenko
  • Laura Merz & Rudi Merz
  • Erica Mena
  • Risto Musta
  • Timo O. Nenonen
  • Ron Nordström
  • Stefan Nyström
  • Workgroup: Deepa Panchamia & Robin Brandt
  • Anssi Pulkkinen
  • Taneli Rautiainen
  • Antti-Ville Reinikainen
  • Workgroup: Aapo Repo & Anu-Anette Varho
  • Sami Ryhänen
  • Tatu Rönkkö
  • Annatuuli Saine
  • Taru Samola
  • Jukka Silokunnas
  • Jonna Suurhasko
  • Tommi Toija
  • Jarno Vesala
  • Workgroup: Karin Widnäs & Viivi Varesvuo
  • Katja Öhrnberg


For more information:

Curator Kirsi Pitkänen    or

exhibition producer Jouni Virtanen