Apply for a membership

If you would like to apply for a membership in Onoma Cooperative, we would expect you to send a written application to our Artistic Committee. The Committee will read your application and makes a decision of either recommending your membership or rejecting your application, to the Onoma Board. You can attach your CV, portfolio and any material you consider relevant to showcase your professionalism and work history.

The applicant must be a professional artist, designer or artisan, or work in other field of cultural profession. The applicant must live and / or work in Fiskars Village.

The joining fee is a one time payment of 400€ and that is nonrefundable should the person want to resign from the Cooperative later. The payment is due in 14 days of being accepted and receiving the invoice. Every member will also pay for at least one share of the cooperative which is 8,41€. This is the minimum share by law and it is refundable in case of resigning.

Onoma Cooperative offers the following ways to support and promote the members’s work:

  1. By selling the members’ products in Onoma Shop, the exhibitions and pop ups, with 40% sales provision
  2. By organizing exhibitions
  3. By offering a space to sell, market and exhibit their work, as well as administrative services during the office opening hours
  4. Offering design, planning and consulting services
  5. By organizing and marketing different kind of training

For more details, please contact the Artistic Committee on: