Copper Smithy, Fiskars

The joys of work and visual pleasures, the delights of achievement and giving.

The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars stages two large exhibitions each year in the summer season at the Fiskars ironworks village in Raasepori. This year, one of the exhibitions commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Cooperative’s exhibitions with the theme of JOY, while the exhibition SPARK is curated by art critic Otso Kantokorpi featuring contemporary art and design that makes a statement.

JOY is the force that sets things in motion: the joy of work, things that are a joy to see, the joy of doing and giving. The 20th summer exhibition of exhibitions by the Fiskars Cooperative features works by its members, representing over 20 different professions and occupations. The artisans, artists and designers offer a wide range of interpretations of the theme through their own media and special skills.

In some of these works, joy is expressed as an exuberant play of form and colour, while in others it is part of the creative process. For many of those who work at Fiskars, joint creativity and community are a source of joy. The marks and traces of joyous happy events are documented in many of the works.

The exhibition presents the work of over 60 members of the Cooperative or teams organized by them. The members of the Cooperative have a contact with the Fiskars ironworks village either through work or residence. In this exhibition, the emphasis is on new and topical works. The year 2013 represents challenges of many kinds: the artists, artisans and designers of the summer exhibition feel honourbound to provide visitors with positive thoughts and experiences.