Led by form – production in series

Copper Smithy, Fiskars

This exhibition focuses on new and classic objects and products that can be made in series. It also includes handcrafted artefacts that are intended for limited editions.

Led by Form also addresses the evolution of forms, motifs and materials over longer periods, with examples such as the so-called “shoulder glass” by Saara Hopea, Tapio Wirkkala, Jorma Vennola and Aleksi Perälä, the evolution of Kari Virtanen’s KV chair collection, and the use of striped patterns in Vuokko Nurmesniemi’s work.

Over 80 designers, interior architects and design agencies and their products participate in the exhibition.
In order to visualize the concept of production in series, the exhibition working group has invited designers to present installation themes based on the idea of a hundred mobile phones, a hundred espresso cups, a hundred porcelain spoons, a hundred rings etc.