KOSKETUKSISSA – IN TOUCH, exhibition by Outi Karikivi

Kupru Gallery
Mon - Sun, from 11am to 6pm

The photographic installation MOTHER´S SON deals with sound, photography and objects, the disappearing yet eternal moment when two people close to each other met. As a mother of four sons, I explore the theme of loss, intimacy, distance, warmth, coolness, trust, separation and abandonment. SOMETIMES SOMEBODY’S HOME also looks at loss, abandonment, but also at hope and hopefulness and building a life. As a photographer, I strive for a silent interaction between the subject and the photographer, which creates the very image that is frozen in the moment – an illuminated life.

KUPRU GALLERY FISKARS 1.8. – 13.8.2023
OPEN Mon- Sun 11am – 6pm