Olla vai ei – To be or not – Exhibition by Arto Vuohelainen

Kupru Gallery
Mon - Sun from 11am to 6pm

On 1 August at Kupru Gallery, Fiskars, my exhibition is called To be or not. The idea is privacy. Our faces are recognised and we can be part of a reality created by artificial intelligence, which does not really exist and in which we do not necessarily want to be part of.

Do we reveal too much about ourselves on social media while social media censors us. What can we show about ourselves? Do I cover everything up?

On the one hand, it’s a double standard that on Instagram, for example, you have to cover your nipples, pubic hair and erogenous areas in nudity, even in art, when you can freely browse porn online. Where is the line? In my photos, I have wanted to bring a pre-censorship and see it as part of reality.

-Arto Vuohelainen