Onoma at DesignWERCK

Copenhagen, Denmark
Wed-Sun 12-18

ONOMA pop up exhibition from June to August 2018 takes Finnish art, craft and design from Fiskars Village to Copenhagen. DesignWERCK is located in Christiania, one of the fastest developing areas in the Danish capital. The owners Birgitte Bjerregaard & Ib Schou believe that “good design should be experienced rather than just viewed” and consider their beautiful showroom as the embassy for Nordic design.

They visited Finland and Fiskars in June 2017 and were immediately impressed by the high quality craftmanship of the local ONOMA cooperative, which currently has 117 local members from 20 different areas of craft and art. The Cooperative’s most visible activity is their exhibitions. Through these Fiskars Village has come to establish itself as a place for showcasing high quality Finnish crafts, design and art. ONOMA is a fine example of a creative community in a unique and historical ironworks environment.

ONOMA pop up at DesignWERCK is a unique collaboration between two strong experts of Nordic design. The pop up exhibition presents works – wood, textile, glass, ceramic, jewellery, photography and music – from 20 ONOMA members.