Copper Smithy, Fiskars

“The views of young people regarding the significance of art are noteworthy, since the majority of young people maintain that art is a value unto itself and does not have to serve any practical purpose. Nor does this majority regard art to be a separate area. Instead, they feel it produces experiences, fosters self-awareness and can influence society.” Finnish Youth Barometer Survey, 2009

Art is a means of analysing the world around us. It offers experiences, surprises, humour, familiar things, and hopefully new perspectives. Young people, the adults of tomorrow, need both means and experiences to comprehend our increasingly fragmented and complex world. Produced by the Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars, Säätö is an exhibition offering art and special events for young people. While the works on show have not been made for this specific audience, the exhibition as a whole and its presentations have been designed to interest young people. The exhibition features the work of members of the Fiskars Cooperative along with invited artists and designers.

The purpose of the exhibition, its additional events and a non-stop workshop open to all participants is to highlight the culture of young people, to reinforce appreciation of work by young people themselves and to motivate them to engage in culture during their free time. The exhibits represent architecture, design, visual and applied art and video art in addition to short films by young people at Satakunta Film Centre in Pori. A skateboard ramp designed by Janne Saario, a student of landscape architecture, will be jointly constructed in the Black Hall of the Copper Smithy. The ramp will be in use in various events during the winter and will be relocated outdoors after the exhibition.

The exhibition will include workshop meetings with artists discussing the things considered by artists when working, the source of themes and subjects, and how works of art created. The meetings will also involve experiments in making artworks under the supervision of artists. Guided tours of the exhibition with discussions and a workshop program by appointment have been planned for groups of schoolchildren and students of different levels of schooling. The exhibition is realized with totally unobstructed access.