Spatial places: The poetics of place

Copper Smithy, Fiskars

Spatial Places refers to the notion that all places have their history, and none are neutral. Whether a space is only space or can be approached in different ways depends on the context in which we experience it or the purpose/theme on which its design and special features are based. At present, the concept of space has become prismatic, suggesting a wide range of perspectives depending on our individual psychological-physical experiences and the social, cultural, ritual and other purposes of the space concerned. Space is one of the main concepts of visual art and its understanding and use are informed by the broader cultural framework and the traditions of art itself.

The invited artists operate in one way or another, consciously and instinctively, within the world and notions of place and space. The variety of concepts creates an ambivalent background to the works on show. The aim is to present visual locations that viewers nonetheless convert into moving spaces through their own presence and by creating their own associations and dialogue with the works.