Fiskars AiR

Fiskars village, with around 600 inhabitants, is situated in Southern Finland approximately 100 km west of Helsinki. The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars has over 100 members representing over 20 different fields of arts, design and crafts. The Fiskars Artist in Residence was founded in early 2006.

The Fiskars AiR mission is to stimulate the professional exchange and networking between creative professionals in Fiskars Village and overseas and to enrich the local community by the new insight that the residency visitors can bring into the community. The historical village surroundings are characterized by an exceptionally rich flora, many peaceful lakes and ample forests. Fiskars nature serves as an endless and accumulating source of inspiration for both local and visiting artists. Fiskars Village has a very unique history that has created its population structure and atmosphere. Fiskars community is known to be creative, curious, multicultural, liberal and active.

The residence is open to professionals from all creative businesses, nationalities and ages. This includes working craftspeople, designers, visual artists, architects, industrial designers, performing artists, composers, musicians, curators, producers, journalists, writers and researchers.

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The residency studio apartment houses 1-2 persons or a small family. The apartment has a large, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and living room with sleeping alcove. The apartment has one 120cm wide bed that it is best suitable for a single person or a couple. There is additionally a sofa-bed and a baby cot available for use for example for children or visiting guests. The residence apartment is fully equipped for everyday living with washing machine, bed linen, towels and fully equipped kitchen.

There is also a large, heated basement space with running water, best suited for rough or large scale work. The basement can also be used for workshops, artist talks, screenings or exhibitions.


Kati Sointukangas
+358 (0) 40 0241017


 The residence is open to professionals from all creative businesses, nationalities and ages. This includes working craftspeople, designers, visual artists, architects, industrial designers, performing artists, composers, musicians, curators, producers, journalists, writers and researchers. We like to prioritize international guests however Finnish artists may be considered. Families and work groups are also welcomed. The residency house is located on top of a hill and has a small staircase so it is not well suited for physically impared.

Artists/professionals are selected once a year on the basis of applications. The next application period for residencies 2017 will open in September 2016. The selection is made by a group of selected professionals in areas of Arts, Crafts and Design. When needed professionals from other areas (for example musicians or writers) may also be consulted. The elections committee members are selected on yearly or bi-yearly basis.

Artist does not pay any rent for the residency apartment. However a monthly maintenance fee of 300€ is required. The fee covers basic maintenance, hosting and coordination costs, water cost, electricity and wireless broadband connection. The fee should be paid at least two (2) months prior to the first day of offered and confirmed residence period. If the fee is not transferred to the residence bank account in time the period will be cancelled.

Artist must finance their own travel to/from the village, her/his food and other daily requirements including working materials. The Fiskars AiR does not offer any funding for travel, material or living expenses. The artist is responsible of arranging visas, permits, his/her personal health insurances and other insurances if and when needed.

LINK TO APPLICATION FORM (opens in September 2016)


I felt more at home in Fiskars than I have in my home country for some time. There seems to be a real support for each others creative outputs here, and people band together for the village. I found everyone warm, welcoming and wonderful.

 Conducive and peaceful environment. Beautiful frozen lakes and forests. A time to step back. Fresh inspiration.

 The lovely studio, unbroken time and forest explorations were the most important things I found in Fiskars. I enjoyed the solitude of the residency which taught me a lot about myself, how I travel and form ideas for my work.

 I think back of Fiskars very often as a safe haven for stressful days. Beautiful place, fantastic people. Rewarding both professionally (concentration) and personally (humbling experience).

 I loved being surrounded by so many different artists and learnt to appreciate art disciplines that I am rarely exposed to in normal life.

 Very nice people, open, curious, funny, intelligent, helpful. I wish we could visit again just for a pulla and a great coffee.

 The time in Fiskars allowed me to see things in myself that i normally don’t notice during the hectic routine in the city. Also being so close to nature was a profound experience.

 My time in Fiskars was one of my most inspiring periods as an artist. The encounter with the Nordic landscape for the first time, brought about a new direction and clarity in my work, that still continues on till today. The residency space in Fiskars, along with nature walks in the surrounding area also allowed time for reflection and renewed thoughts and ideas. The studio space was also ideal for working on big paintings, allowing for a very productive time.

 I met a lot of great people who I am still in touch with. Since I knew I was only there a short time, I made a point to let people know I wanted to meet them and see their studios and was so happy to receive many invitations.


 Birgit Deubner, performance artist, DE/UK

Jorim Huber, artist, CH

Kaya Lee, graphic designer, SK

David Getty, architect, USA/IN

Marit Roland, paper artist, NO

Frank Schillo, ceramist, DE

Masha Ryskin & Serge Marchetta, artists, CA/RU

Mafune Gonjo, glass artist, JP

Sivan Kauffman, sculptor, IL