The Copper Smithy, Fiskars
Every Day 11am - 6pm

Onoma celebrates their 25th anniversary by highlighting it’s members and local know-how.

Fiskars is a unique environment where a large number of artists live and work. Majority of the population of the former iron works community works in the creative industries: artisans, designers and practitioners of a variety of art forms. Almost a third of them are members of Onoma. 25th anniversary exhibition TÄÄLLÄ | HERE | HERE explores this local unique context and highlights Onoma’s versatility and the artists behind the works.

The local is a theme that during the 2000s has received more and more attention and has been emphasized especially now, in the circumstances in which we have lived since March last year. Nearly 60 local artists, designers and artisans have, from different points of view, delved into the local as a theme and the significance of the place.

In the exhibition you can follow different paths, one of which is the time perspective: the past, the present and the future. Another path can be said to be one’s relationship to surrounding phenomena and beings. Of course, the paths do not form an unambiguous map, but are intertwined and complement each other. In the same way, time, place and phenomena are intertwined and form the different conditions under which we operate, regardless of whether it is a physical place or an emotional state.

MANY GUIDED TOURS – experience the exhibition together with the artists

The exhibition can be experienced on summer Saturdays together with exhibiting artists on guided tours called “Here together with an artist”. Other guided tours, for example “Onoma25” with a focus on Onoma’s history, are arranged daily throughout the summer. Tickets for the tours can be purchased in advance from our new online shop.


Entrance  9 €  / 6 €

Guided tours 6 € / 4 € (45min)


at 13.00, 15.00, 16.00


at 13.00, 15.00, 16.00

During the spring, you can follow the exhibition’s actors and how the exhibition is progressing on Instagram and Facebook. Throughout the year, the video is published on YouTube, where members share their stories and memories of Onoma.


Erna Aaltonen | Hanna Ahti, Maija Mustonen, Jaakko Pietiläinen & Masi Tiitta | Eeva-Kaisa Ailus |
Päivi Alajuntti | Upi Anttila | Freja Bäckman | Adam Detre |
Kirsti Doukas & Kristian Saarikorpi | Céline Ducret | Tapio Elevant | Hannele Grönlund | Eero Haikala | Laura Hallantie | Lulu Halme | Saara Hannula |
Maarit Hirvonen | Tiina Karimaa | Barbro Kulvik | Ivan Kulvik | Peetu Liesinen |
Elina Makkonen |
Johanna Matruka | Laura Mattila & Mikko Merz | Erica Mena | Camilla Moberg | Risto Musta |
Timo Mustajärvi | Tarja Mustakallio | Jukka Mäkelä | Pia Nieminen | Ron Nordström | Piitu Nykopp | OLO |
Saara Paatero-Burtsov &
Risto Paatero | Katri Pailos | Jaakko Pakkala | Deepa Panchamia | Tuulia Penttilä | Milvi Pesari | Jouni Repo | Katarina Reuter | Saine Ensemble | Rutsuko Sakata | Taru Samola | Lea Sarasjoki | Kim Simonsson & Co | Hannu Siren | Howard Smith | Riitta Talonpoika | Satu Tamminen | Maija Toukolehto | Viivi Varesvuo | Kari Virtanen | Arto Vuohelainen | Karin Widnäs | Antti Yli-Tepsa | Katja Öhrnberg


Ulrika Ferm, curator
Freja Bäckman, assistant curator
Lea Sarasjoki, exhibition architect
Lulu Halme, graphic designer
Susanna Louneva, exhibition manager