Sparkling Eyes – Humour in Finnish Jewellery

Kulturhuset Ängeln, Katrineholm, Sweden

The exhibition Sparkling Eyes was organized in cooperation with Kulturhuset Ängeln in Katrineholm, Sweden and the Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars, Finland.

Sparkling Eyes – Humour in Finnish Jewellery is an exhibition of Finnish jewellery built round the theme of humour. Some 18 Finnish jewellers were invited to exhibit their works based on this idea. Each participant offers a varying, personal starting point, ranging from the Tarantino road movie-like romanticism of Pyry Tamminen to the outer space visions of Janna Syvänoja.

The participants represent the full diversity of modern Finnish jewellery – they are designers, craftsmen and others working in the various branches of the industry, professionals whose work is known and recognised internationally. The idea of the exhibition was to seek a variety of interpretations from people with different backgrounds around the theme of humour. The meanings and quality they have bestowed on their works are a guarantee of sparkling eyes.

As a theme, humour is pretty rare in jewellery or in the field of design in general, yet it’s the idea behind this exhibition. And the sparkling element, well many things sparkle: diamonds, money, metal, even humour itself. It’s a question of an emotion, passion, humour.