Time and room

Copper Smithy, Fiskars

In the autumn exhibition, the Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars presents the works by Ariadna Donner, Mira Donner-Spitz and Mikael Spitz. The collective exhibition combines tapestry with Billnäs office furniture.

Ariadna Donner (born 1946) likes to compare weaving of her tapestries with writing. Impressions are collected in a diary, and often they are also transferred into a tapestry. Her work includes many tapestry diaries, where the artist’s deepest thoughts emerge as patterns on the surface of the textile. The birth of her grandchildren, along with other events in her life, are reflected in her work. Ariadna Donner’s textiles are made with a high warp loom that is three and half metres tall. Even on the Nordic scale, the technique is unique. The tapestries are often large, measuring e.g. 2,5 x 2 metres. Ariadna Donner has received recognition for her work several times, including the Ornamo Artisan of the Year Award in 2002 and the Oulu province Art Award in 2007.

The traditional Billnäs office furniture of Mikael Spitz (born 1969) and Mira Donner-Spitz (born 1973) remind us of durability as well as of times past. Durability stems from traditional furniture making and the choice of material. With their work, both of the artisans honour the traditional furniture making culture of the Fiskars Ironworks area. Mikael Spitz, a German master carpenter, moved to Fiskars 1998. At the time he came to work for the company Nikari Ltd., but later set up his own workshop. He completed his studies to become a master carpenter in Germany by way of traditional training that follows the stages of apprenticejourneyman- master. The motive for opening the workshop was to continue manufacturing the old Billnäs office furniture. Mira Donner-Spitz is an actor and an upholsterer, and she works in the family business. The exhibition displays furniture upholstered by her.

All the works of art and the furniture in the exhibition are the result of long development work and they are made to last decades. The exhibition is also a statement for durability and unhurried life.